The Reef at Kings Dock Launching Soon by Mapletree Trust and Keppel Group

The Keppel Bay District the popular feature another development court The Reef at King’s Dock days by the developer Mapletree Trust and Keppel Group. The Keppel Bay District has been of the most highly sought after residential districts in Singapore because of all the amenities there are available to the residents. Many of the buyers who are looking for core city centre development may be turned off by the fact that there are really many developments located in the Orchard District. The Orchard District has traditionally been Singapore is what prime property and the prices they have increased a lot lately and buyers are still keeping a lookout for properties that are priced lower world and the keppel district may be one of those that buyers are looking at.

The Reef at King's Dock Condo at Harbourfront Avenue
The Reef at King’s Dock Condo at Harbourfront Avenue

The Reef at King’s Dock is located and industry of Singapore that is fairly close to the core city centre as well as Raffles city. It is also located near the Marina Bay financial industry as well as Marina Bay financial centre. A full range of transport options are available for the residents as The Reef at King’s Dock is located near to Vivocity MRT Station on the North East MRT line. District 04 features many amenities such as as far as shopping centres and The Reef at King’s Dock being located right in the centre of District 04 means that there is no need for the residents of the development to take public transport to get all the daily necessities as well as food. District 04 also features many iconic development that is located along Harbourfront Avenue. The development is launching soon by Keppel Group and Mapletree Trust. The development is located at Harbourfront Avenue.

Mentioning that you stay in Harbourfront Avenue also brings in a certain prestige as the developments along the road are highly sought after due to its design as so as his convenience. The Reef at King’s Dock is the latest development along Harbourfront Avenue their features, and the news as it is located nearest to Vivocity MRT Station as well as Vivocity Shopping Centre which is Singapore’s largest shopping centre. Vivocity MRT Station and Vivocity Shopping Centre is the latest addition for the development. Keppel Bay District District 04 has been one of the most highly sought after place as it has undergo a lot of changes recently and is becoming more of the best residential places to get.

The Reef at King's Dock Mapletree Trust and Keppel Group
The Reef at King’s Dock Mapletree Trust and Keppel Group

The use of for young singles who are looking for cosmopolitan place to stay where all the amenities and conveniences are located just a short walk away from The Reef at King’s Dock. Harbourfront Avenue is a strategic location for buyers who are looking for convenience as the central business district as well as the Orchard area are just a short drive and easily accessible via public transport.

The area is perfect for singles and young couples looking for the first home as those huge growth for capital appreciation given that there is a lot of transformation around the area. One of the most significant transformation around the area is the Greater Southern Waterfront. The Greater Southern Waterfront is Singapore’s largest transformation that features leaf and play or under one half that spans across from the Pasir Panjang Terminals to Vivocity. The Reef at King’s Dock being located right next to Vivocity MRT station will be the 1st to benefit from the Greater Southern Waterfront. District 04 is also one of the most highly sought after location given that there are plenty of good schools around the area” accompanied by Singapore’s largest shopping more will mean that there will be many families will be looking for the development when it completes.

The Reef at King's Dock Near to Sentosa
The Reef at King’s Dock Near to Sentosa

The Reef at King’s Dock is located one in one of the most highly sought after residential industry as it is located right next to Sentosa. There are many amenities that are located near to Sentosa including Singapore’s integrated resorts such as a result were at Sentosa as well as the Marina Bay financial district. Harbourfront Avenue is also known to have one of Singapore’s most iconic developments the stretch of long the main road leading to the city The Reef at King’s Dock is also closest to Vivocity and therefore a conveniences and your doorstep. The developer is also known to produce high quality developments that are highly sought after such as Reflections at Keppel Bay and Corals at Keppel Bay. Both developments are by the developer Keppel Group and has since been so out. There were many good reviews for the development including wonderful facilities as well as good architecture making developments from Keppel Group and people trust investments are highly sought after developer for residential projects along Harbourfront Avenue.

Locations is one of the main key factors when deciding what developments to and on the recent book Day is one of the very few developments day is located near to major shopping centres as well as public transport even for buyers who are taking their own transports major expressways are located near to the development including Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway. The location of The Reef at King’s Dock is also near to nature and therefore outdoor people will be able to get there are outdoor jogging session done. The Reef at King’s Dock is also located near to Mount Faber Park.

The Reef at King's Dock Singapore Located Near to Vivocity Shopping Centre
The Reef at King’s Dock Singapore Located Near to Vivocity Shopping Centre

Mount Faber Park is one of Singapore’s oldest Park and is a popular destination for outdoor lovers who are looking for some outdoor activities. It is a iconic destination as there are many unique amenities as well as activities that can be done and Moffatt will outdoor lovers can and joined the apparently made stunning views across at the top of the park and there will also be a long jogging trails for would be outdoor lovers. The residents of the The Reef at King’s Dock can also take note is that there will be a lush rainforest and covers the whole of Mount Faber Park. Mount Faber Park is therefore one of the most highly sought-after outdoor location for families of The Reef at King’s Dock.

There are also many things to do at Mount Faber, including birdwatching. Mount Faber Park features a complete range of bird species that nest in the last forest areas of the park. And Jackson family time doing some birdwatching and and join some private dining session with your family in the afternoon. Mount Faber Park features gourmet restaurants that provides a but I view of the fall of Mount Faber Park. There are many feature restaurants located at the top of Mount Faber Park. Over 40 ha forested area are located in the park and you can always arrange some of those sessions with your friends and family.

The Reef at King's Dock
The Reef at King’s Dock

For families with school going children, The Reef at King’s Dock is also the perfect place to stay at as it is located worldwide variety of schools and child care centres within just a short distance away from the development and Harbourfront Avenue. The Reef at King’s Dock is also located near to many schools such as Radin Mas Primary School, Blangah Rise Primary School, and Pasir Panjang Secondary School. There are also many international schools around the area and therefore for families with school going children less time is needed to be spent on public transport and this means that there will be more time for parents for work. The children will also have more time to catch some sleep.

Right next to The Reef at King’s Dock is Vivocity which is just a few steps away from the development. This is Singapore’s largest shopping more that is complete the recently that features a make a three-storey shopping more with a whole wide range of entertainment and shops featuring essential services as well as retail and gourmet restaurants.

Popular Do It Yourself Renovations to Improve The Safety of Your Home

Popular Do It Yourself Renovations to Improve The Safety of Your Home
Popular Do It Yourself Renovations to Improve The Safety of Your Home

There are many renovations that needs to be done when you have collected the keys to your home. One such important renovation that needs to be done is home safety. When it comes to decorating you home, the main hurdle that stops you from making the whole ‘decorating’ part actually beautiful is the budget. You want every corner and untouched parts of the room to be accommodated with such things, which are not only good to look at, but also useful and most importantly, affordable. This is where quick and cheap do it yourself improvements come in handy.

Let’s look at some of the most popular and easiest home improvements of this type:

Beautiful books: Books, without a doubt, make for some of the more elegant and decent looking decorative pieces. Make simple bookshelves out of wood and arrange colorful books in the right order of size and color. Experiment with the shape and orientation of the bookshelves. Maybe you can make them like a triangle, star, staircase or anything more imaginative.

Wonderful Wire Baskets: Wire baskets can be hung in the outer areas of the home like balconies or porches to be chandeliers or hanging plant holders. You can have a few candles or bulbs beautifully arranged or plants like a money plant or other flowering creepers planted in them.

Free plant boxes: You surely buy lots of food products in tin boxes. You can use these boxes as plant pots in your garden. If used wisely they look very beautiful and cost nothing. These tins come in various colors and thus can be arranged in order of the colors and sizes.

Framed table: If you have a picture frame which is deep enough to keep some small things inside it, you can glue it onto a stool or table which is of a similar size and then put small things like dried flowers, photos and other things that are parts of your memories in it. Make sure that the glass is strong enough and then you can use it as a normal stool in your drawing room.

Glasses come alive: You can use old glass tumblers or wine glasses as transparent pots of miniature foliage. You can have small creeping plants, flower plants or any other small breed plant which may be growing along the boundaries of you home. This not only looks good but also gives a very fresh feel to places like the kitchen or windowsills.

Mirrors make it bright: Use small sized mirrors by placing lots of them like a grid in a room to make the room look bigger with the reflection. The space between the mirrors gives a very retro look to the room. Also, the small size of the mirrors will have the cost under control.

Old calendars useful again: Remember that calendar from last year with a beautiful painting for every month. Well those are not totally useful. You can cut those out, frame them and use them on undecorated parts of the wall. Cut out the images from the entire calendar and you will have 12 of them, which can be arranged in a composition.

CD cases make good frames: CD cases are of just the right dimension to make for good frames. The open and close and so you can cut your favorite pictures like the ones from the calendars in the last point and place them anywhere.

Gift Wrap papers finally useful: Some gift-wraps are so beautiful you want to use them somewhere, but you can’t figure where. A sensible way to use them is to get them laminated and use them as tablemats.

Light holders come alive: You can use you old bulb holders or industrial light fixtures as fancy looking pots for plants like cactuses and other dry looking plants. These look shiny and modern, matching well with the simple look of the cactus.

Every year in the UK more than 5,000 people die and a further 2.7 million visit the hospital due to accidents in the home. Fortunately, many incidents are both treatable and preventable, but it’s essential to take health and safety seriously. With this in mind, here are five ways to make your property that little bit safer.

Whether you live alone or have little ones running around, there are first aid supplies that can come in useful. Everything from plasters to antiseptic wipes will take care of small injuries and sterile dressings will guard against infections. The equipment you buy is up to you, but make sure you have enough items to meet your needs.

If your boiler is faulty or has been installed incorrectly it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This is potentially fatal, so you must arrange a central heating inspection once a year – more if you think there’s a problem. Regular checks will keep you and your family safe, so call in a Gas Safe Register approved engineer and enjoy peace of mind.

Children are prone to burns and scolds. That’s why it’s important to use the back rings of your cooker when you’re making a meal. These are harder to reach and should stop stray hands from getting injured. If you do have to use all the hobs, keep a close eye on your kids and make sure they are aware of the dangers.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to test the fire alarms. This should only take a few minutes, but it could potentially save your life. After all, smoke detectors will alert you to danger, but they are no use at all if the batteries are flat. While we’re on the subject of fire, make sure everyone knows how to escape in an emergency just in case you ever have to flee in a hurry.

Avoid trips, slips and falls is by providing adequate lighting throughout your property. Ensure all bulbs are working properly and keep hallways and stairwells are well-lit – particularly if you have small children or visitors. What’s more, you should also remove all clutter from walkways and tidy up loose electrical wiring as stray cables could prove dangerous.

There are many ways to keep your living environment safe. In the UK, first aid kit providers offer a wide selection of options, so inspect your home for obvious hazards and buy whatever equipment you think is right for your environment. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tips on Building a Environmentally Eco Home For Your Family

Tips on Building a Environmentally Eco Home For Your Family
Tips on Building a Environmentally Eco Home For Your Family

Environmental protection is a huge concern in modern times. Many people are striving to make their homes more efficient, not only to reduce their bills but also to reduce the negative effect they have on the environment. There are plenty of home renovation projects that can help with this task. Most of these projects work better for homes that residents intend to stay in for several years, since the financial benefits will come gradually over the years.

Solar energy and thermal heating panels that get installed on one’s roof are major energy savers. Many people have started putting these on their houses because, though the installation and panels themselves are expensive, they will reduce your bills enough to eventually pay for themselves. This is why many people prefer to undertake this task only if they know for certain they will remain in their homes for decades.

Building an environmentally friendly home makes sense in this day and age. Not only does lowering your carbon footprint make sense from a sustainability perspective, it can also help save you money on your utilities and may even add resale value to your home. If you’re thinking about incorporating some eco-friendly features into your next house build, read on to find out what you need to think about before you get started.

They work by converting solar energy into the heat and energy you would normally have to pay for. This makes homes need less man-made electricity. It also makes homes less reliant upon fuel to heat them. The panels require very little maintenance and have no negative aesthetic effect on your roof. Another large and more immediate benefit people get is the enormous tax cut for doing something so good for the environment.

You need to find the right construction company, so start doing your research. Visit some display homes and check out who are leading the pack in terms of innovation, sustainability and creativity in your area. You need to find someone who can be flexible with their options. Builders like Coral Homes specialise in tailoring their house and land packages to suit the buyers’ vision (and budget).

Energy-efficient insulation is of great importance, as well. The better insulated your house is, the less power you will require to heat it. Many may note that older houses are often very cold in the winter because insulation technology was not as good. Fiberglass insulation is often used. It is fire resistant and conducts heat quite well. The problem is the it is not biodegradable, which means when any major repairs are done to a house, the discarded insulation pollutes the environment.

Recycled or reclaimed building materials can make stunning features, but it can take a bit of time to find the perfect piece. Your builder will need to know the dimensions of any pieces you want to include, so it is worth keeping an eye on the classifieds or visiting some demolition yards well before you start building your new home.

There are other products that can be used as insulation which are better for the environment. For example, mineral wool is completely biodegradable and conducts heat just as well as, if not better than, fiberglass insulation. The only negative aspect is that it is not as flame resistant.

While there have been some impressive advances in architecture and technology, some of the fundamental home features like insulation and the materials used to build your home can still have the greatest environmental impact. Light colours reflect heat, so incorporate them into your roof and exterior wall palette. Your floor plan is also important. Things like having the living areas placed so they are north facing ensures that you can make the most of natural light mean that the bedrooms can be on the southern side of the property and stay at a cooler, more comfortable temperature for sleeping.

Pellet stoves are another great option to live green. Instead of using logs to power them, they only use wood pellets. The design enables them to get just as much heat out of much less wood. It has the dual purpose of making people less reliant on fuel and electricity and also keeps more trees from being chopped down. Pellet stoves are so good for the environment that they can be another large tax write-off. Energy is never wasted in them because they come with sensors so they shut off when a certain temperature is reached and turn on again when it gets cold.

Wind turbines are not quite ready for single home usage, but they will be within the next few years. All people should consider having them installed once the size and installation processes are more reasonable for private families. They harness the wind in the same manner that windmills used to, only they convert wind power into energy to power homes. They are already being used for large companies and by different governments.

The problem with open plan layouts is that because you can’t close off zoned areas, you end up using more energy (and spending more money) on heating and cooling. Stacked or recessed sliding doors can be a great option to consider as they let you keep that open plan look while maintaining the ability to close them off when you need to turn the heater or air conditioning on.

Even if you do not intent on staying in your home for an extended period of time, there are small things that can be done in order to preserve energy and keep your bills low. Use energy efficient light bulbs. Draught-proof all windows and doors so heat does not escape. Recycle as much as you possibly can and have an efficient recycling system in your house so separation of materials is easier. Put electronics on timers so they automatically shut off after a certain time when you are sure you will not need to use them.

Designs to Make the Bathroom Appear Larger

A bathroom is a place in the home that should be comfortable and many people feel they cannot afford to make this room luxurious. There are some tips for making the toilet room appear more spacious and more luxurious. These can be seen at the latest development at Penrose CDL at Sims Drive. Penrose is located near to Aljunied MRT Station and is a city fringe development.

Flooring and Walls

When tiling the floors and walls the colors should be blended. This will make it hard to find where one area stops and the other begins. This will allow the bathroom to appear larger.

White on White

White can reflect light and this will brighten up the bathroom.

Wall Mounted Sinks

This is a modern way to make the bathroom appear larger and more luxurious. The sinks will not make the bathroom feel cramped. They will free up space in the bathroom and there can even be room for some shelves.

Large Mirror

A large mirror can make the bathroom appear to be larger. A large mirror will make the walls of the bathroom look longer too. Since the mirror can reflect it can create the illusion of additional space.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity will free up floor space and allow the bathroom to look bigger. This vanity is great for bathrooms with tight space and will allow a person to have additional storage for the items needed in the bathroom.

Wall Mounted Toilet

These toilets can fit into small spaces and they make the room seem bigger. These toilets also give a modern feel to the bathroom.

Wall Shelves

This is a great option to hold essentials such as towels and toiletries without taking up additional room in the bathroom. There is often space above the toilet that is not being used where shelves can be added.

Glass Panels

Glass paneling can be used to enclose the shower and looks much better than a traditional shower curtain. The glass will make the room look open and will allow more light to come into the bathroom. Frosted or tinted glass will allow for more privacy when in the shower.

Make a Wet Zone

The main activity where water is involved will be done in the wet zone. The dry zone is the vanity and the toilet. When making these separate zones it will allow the bathroom to appear larger. This will also protect the vanity from humidity and will reduce the chance of mildew from building up in the bathroom.

Bright Lights

Good lighting is needed in the bathroom. This can allow the small room to look open. Bright lights are needed if there is a lack of natural lights. Wall scones, ceiling spotlights, and vanity lights are good options to add more lighting.

Natural Light

When possible allow natural light into the bathroom. This will allow the space to look larger. Windows in the bathroom are often small. To help with this put plants near the window. This will allow light to enter and will prevent humans and storage from blocking the window.

These are some tips for designing a great bathroom even with limited space. These tips can help the bathroom look larger and more open.

Counter Bar for Open Layout Kitchen Design

There’s an exciting trend sweeping the markets this year, and it’s the counter bar with an open plan kitchen layout design. In the niche for high quality kitchens, that have been thoughtfully designed, the versatile counter bar is capturing the imagination.

The counter bar opens up the kitchen creating a lovely social focal point for the apartment or house, while bringing extra functionality to the home.

• Perfect for Dinner Parties so you can talk to your guests while you prepare the food.

When you’re in the kitchen and you want to carry on the conversation, having an open fronted kitchen that leads onto the lounge is a great way of achieving this. Along the back wall you can create stylish shelves for ingredients and house plants, giving the kitchen a Meditarranean feel.

The open fronted rusticesque kitchen is also great for families, couples and singles who entertain.

• Small Floating Island Bar with Seats for two.

This classy design works best in a square shaped kitchen. Create a central all function counter bar that can be used for preparing food, reading the papers and seats two people. An ideal choice for the working professional couple or single. It creates a lovely open plan kitchen with a useful multipurpose counter surface.

Using natural or high quality varnished wood for the counter top gives the bar an elegant tone.

• The Coffee Counter Open Kitchen Layout.

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular at the moment, with its modern design it creates a comfortable space. This multifunctional design allows you to open the bar front up but also keep those kitchens smells in if you prefer to do that.

The deep colours of the table top and stylish hollywood lighting combine to give the space a magnetic aura. It’s a fantastic choice for the rising professional.

• The Late Night Cocktail Bar Open Kitchen Plan.

This monochromatic two seated open plan kitchen layout has the cocktail lounge feel with all the comforts of home. The neat and clean design, ideally complemented with a few flowers, orchids for example, can really focus an apartment on a lovely shared living space.

The floating counter is perfect for having guests over for dinner as well as a quiet coffee while you read a magazine, making it a great choice for most people.

• The L-Shaped Open Kitchen Counter Bar.

This deeply lit counter bar has a coffee house style, with a useful chalk board above the shelves, where you can write your lists if you love to keep organised and ahead of schedule! The long L-Shaped counter bar is extremely versatile, is ideal for families or really busy homes while being extremely cosy and warm.

This black and white colours are complemented by the metallic shelving, which not only looks great but will also be easy to keep clean and will really last. Wonderful option for families, couples and others with a bustling household.

The Counter Bar you chose will give your home a Unique Feel.

With so many choices of Open Plan Kitchen Layouts, the Counter Bar makes a fantastic central feature of any home.

The Counter Bar is certainly trending in the world of kitchen design and looking ahead through 2020 and beyond, this versatile, open kitchen layout looks set to become a mainstay of comfortable, multifunctional living choices.