Design a Children’s Playroom For Your Kids With Focal Point

Design a Children's Playroom For Your Kids With Focal Point
Design a Children’s Playroom For Your Kids With Focal Point

Designing your child’s bedroom can be a bit over whelming. You have so many different options and themes to choose from. Using a mural is an easy way for parents to design their child’s room or playroom as the primary focal point. We have designed many different types of children’s murals from large sizes murals where they cover the whole wall to a fun and easy whimsically designed wall sticker system that involves simple painting techniques.

The first step is to figure out your budget. Be realistic. It is easy to be creative and update your child’s furniture with paint and wall stickers or decoupage paper. Try and reuse what you have. I have already changed my daughter’s room 3 times and they are only 5 & 6 years old.

Rummage through your house, check the garage, attic, Mom’s house for unused pieces. If you can find a dresser, night table, chest ….you paint them all the same color and decoupage some fun designs onto them and all of a sudden you a complete matching bedroom suite for very little money only using some time and elbow grease.

Get some paper, pencil and a tape measure and map out your child’s room. Even measure those little spaces that you could place a small bookcase or art table. Draw it all out on the paper also list the pieces you need such as toy chest, night table, etc. so when you go shopping you have a list of needed pieces & measurements so there won’t be any guesswork.

On a separate piece of paper measure and draw sizes of bed, dresser, table & chairs, etc. Cut out each piece and play around with the furniture place on the room size paper. It is much easier to arrange furniture on paper the move it around in the room.

Choose a focal point. There is really two different ways of choosing a good focal point. The first way is to stand at your child’s bedroom doorway and look in the room, where is the first place that you look at? This would be a good focal point. You can place the bed or play area there.

The second way to choose a focal point is from the child’s point of view. Where will your child be spending most of their time? If your child’s room is mainly a place where they sleep then make their bed the primary focal point. Really play it up. Get beautiful bedding, a canopy, gorgeous pillows etc. If your child will be playing in their room a lot then you should make their play area the focal point of the room.

To make your child’s room both functional and inviting, place a table & chairs in the middle of the play area with book cases, and bulletin board too. To keep the play room neat make sure that all the toys and supplies are sorted and placed in their own little bin or tote. If your child is a budding artist paint an area using magnetic paint on part of their wall so your child can use magnets and hang all of their masterpieces up to show the world!

After you have chosen your child’s furniture arrangement and focal point, now you have to figure out what else is needed to make your child’s room magically, functional and fun. If a room is well organized it will be easier for your child to clean up after themselves. When I found my two little girls playing in my bedroom I asked them why, they said “Our room is messy”. I knew that I had to organize their room in such a way that they could easily keep it clean themselves. A little bit of time taken to sort and organize will pay off in hours of not having to clean up their room for them.

I figured out their needs. An easy to reach place for their play clothes, a hamper for their dirties, a garbage can for their messed up art projects. One tote for all of their fashion dolls, another very large tote for all of their animals, and used an old doll house for their beanie babies. First we figured out what they love to play with. The rest I put in boxes for safe keeping and in a separate bag we placed a bunch of toys that they no longer played with, and gave them away.

Then I rounded up all the plastic shoe boxes, small totes, empty shoe boxes, canvas bags, etc. We decorated these to match our daughter’s room. We used the “Butterfly Castle Room In A Box” to decorate their room. We used the mural over their bed (We have a trundle bed because of the tiny size of the room). We used some of the wall stickers near the bed floating on the wall. We used the rest of the wall stickers on the head board and dresser. We also used the decoupage papers to update a 17 year old night table. With almost no money and a little elbow grease we had a magical room that my daughter’s love to play in.

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