Juniper Hill Ewe Boon Road Allgreen Properties

Juniper Hill is a freehold condo development project located in the heart of Bukit Timah. The project sits at a strategic position with an array of social amenities, learning institutions, and a well-structured transport network. Juniper Hill condo stands amid 2 renowned condos; the Shores Residence and Sea View developments. Once Juniper Hill Ewe Boon Road is complete, approximately 190 apartment units will be open for residential and business purposes.

Juniper Hill Ewe Boon Road Allgreen Properties

Juniper Hill development has a full-pack of unique facilities in close proximity to Ewe Boon Road. This is an added advantage to the future residents who wouldn’t have to drive for shopping, entertainment and even for educational purposes of their children. Certain facilities such as; clubhouse, indoor gym, guard house, function room, tennis court, swimming pool, children ’s, and sun desk will be located in and around the condo. This way, you and your family will enjoy a serene environment with a tranquil lifestyle right in the suburb of Bukit Timah.

Juniper developments have many shopping centers in its neighborhood. Some of the popular shopping centers and stores include the Bukit-Timah shopping center, the renowned Bukit Timah-Plaza, the Beauty World center and the Balmoral Plaza. All these places are a walk away from the Juniper condo and you’ll enjoy a leisurely walk on that sunny afternoon.

Juniper Hill Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Another outdoor and hang-out spot located next to the Juniper Condo is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The reserve is located on a composed surrounding where families come together and enjoy fun times once in a while.

Elite institutions in the area near to Juniper Hill Stevens MRT Station include; Hwa Chong institution, the Methodist Girl’s School and the National Junior College which is near to Ewe Boon Road. A solid transport-network also exist in the area; Juniper Hill is accessible with the Fourth Avenue- MRT Station, Stevens MRT-Station and a number of roads linking to the city.

Juniper Hill Developer Allgreen Properties

Juniper Hill Ewe Boon Road developer overseeing the construction and all developments of the Juniper Hill is the reputable All green properties. The latter has stood the test of time and weigh of scrutiny in project developments; in and around Singapore. The company was incorporated way back in 1986 and it’s a branch of the Kuok Group-Real Estate. All-green is among the key companies enjoying a remarkable market share of the property developments in Singapore.

All green company has a number of subsidiaries who are active participates of the Singaporean economy. The company’s track of record dates back to the 1980s and this is evident in the massive projects they have under their brand. With a rich portfolio of appreciating assets; ranging from retails, residential and commercial properties, it’s undoubtedly clear that this company has a brighter future. Other investments include hotels, office spaces and well-serviced spacious apartments.

RV Millenia Prime Land at River Valley Road Singapore

Developed by the Roxy Pacific holdings, the RV Millenia is one of the latest freehold developments established to provide spacious and luxury residential apartments. This will be an exclusive addition by the developer to the ever growing residential properties in Singapore. The plot is the third property to be successfully purchased by the developer within a week time. The new development property was therefore successfully purchased for $110m by the RH capital two who are a subsidiary of the main developer.

RV Millenia Prime Land at River Valley road

It is a prime piece of land located at the heart of the river valley road which is an added advantage. The residential project at RV Millenia Condo will essentially comprise of 18 stories with 100 units of more than that.

The Roxy Pacific Holdings who are the sole developers of this project have been on this development business since the year 1967. They have so far been able to productively acquire a number of hotels and resorts. They have been known in the real estate market for reconstructing and conveying magic to their freehold properties. The RV millennia will spread on 28,798sq which translate to a plot ratio of 2.8.

Facilities and amenities at River Valley Road

The residential project is located close to many social facilities and amenities. There are numerous entertainment places near the condos. You will be provided with exclusive facilities such as a tennis court, gymnasium, children’s playground, clubhouse, swimming pools, sun deck, function room among many other facilities.

This is place is best to visit with your friends and family during vacations. You can access different fun places within walking distance which will make your visit memorable. You can take a walk to the Istana and canning parks and have fun with our family and friends. They are the best places for outdoor functions.

RV Millenia Condo at 313 Somerset Centre and Great World City Shopping Centre

We also have several amenities near the RV Millenia condo. The common ones are shopping malls, food joints, and schools. The major shopping malls which you can visit are the 313 Somerset Centre and the Great World City Shopping center. These two malls are all close to each other and are within an area of less than a kilometer from the condo.

For those families who have school going children, this is the best place for you. You will have an easy access to nearby elite schools which provides convenience in traveling. Examples of such schools include the Gan Eng Seng Primary, Zhangde, Raffles girls school, River Valley among many others. It is also located near bigger learning institutions such as the FZD schools of design and the Lasalle college. All these elite schools are within 1.5 km of the area.

If you need that quite and relaxed environment away from the city, then the RV Millenia condo is a place for you. Don’t forget it is just a stone throw from the famous Great world city.

Mayfair Modern Condo Location at Dunearn Road

The new leasehold condo will be launched very soon by Jay Tan and Mayfair Modern. However, it is good we get facts about this great project by the Oxley Holdings developer. The development currently sits on the former Mayfair gardens.

It is ideally located in the heart of Bukit Timah making it the highly sought residential properties. Currently, it is almost complete and will be launched before the year ends. The development was purchased by the Oxley Holdings with the value of $311 million.

Mayfair Modern Leasehold Property Dunearn Road

The new leasehold property will comprise of 2 prime pieces of land located at Dunearn Road and Bukit Timah Road. The first one is the Mayfair modern Oxley Holdings which will be the smaller development. It will consist of a total of 171 units. This projects will be the most valued development which is strategically located close to the Dunearn road. It will be launched two weeks after the inner plot.

The second plot which is the bigger one will comprise of the Mayfair gardens. It is located in the interior a significant distance from the main road. It will be made up of a total of 215 units. This will be the best place far away from the busy city. Therefore for buyers in need of a peaceful and serene environment, the Mayfair gardens awaits you.

Oxley Holdings Developer for Mayfair Modern

Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah is being undertaken by the Oxley Holdings Company which mainly deal in both property development and investment. It has markets both locally and worldwide with a total of 12 branches. The company has an outstanding record of being reliable and reputable in offering quality development services. The company also uses the latest technology to make the best out of real estate development.

Location of Mayfair Modern Condo

The good thing about this residential development is its perfect location. It has a number of popular places within a close range where you can walk on foot. You will never have to walk large distances to enjoy some things. For instance, it is strategically located near to many elite and international schools.

The being near to Bukit Timah, it has the best schools such as Raffles girls, Henry park school, Saint Margaret school, Hwa Chong, Pei Hwa among many others. These are top performing schools with excellence in both academics and extracurricular.

The condo is also well located right next to the famous Country Clubs where you can gather and hold social events. Some of them include British club, Singapore Island Club, and Temasek Club. Inside the clubs, you will get access to the best facilities such as function rooms, tennis courts as well as golf.

Farrer Park History Near to Perumal Road Condo

Farrer Park which is located in Singapore’s Central Region is actually a subzone of the Rochor planning region, and is bordered by Rangoon Road, Serangoon Road, Race Course Road, Tekka Lane, Northumberland Road, and Bukit Timah Road. Interestingly, these following paragraphs are about the Farrer Park subzone which, according to the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), is a portion of the Rochor planning region. Traditionally, the term “Farrer Park” was related to an open field which was located to the subzone’s west. At present, this field is referred to as “Farrer Park Field” which is situated inside the Kaltang planning arena.

Farrer Road and Farrer Park Near to Perumal Road Condo

Farrer Road and Farrer Park were nomenclated after R.J. Farrer who happened to be the Municipal Assessor as well as the later President of the Municipal Commissions in the 20s. An attempt was made to alter the name of Farrer Road in 1952; however, it was not successful. The development is close to Perumal Road Condo by Low Keng Huat.

The race course which was set up in the month of December in 1842 was actually operated by the Singapore Sporting Club. Horse races were mostly organized on the weekends which attracted a huge European audience. The large turf of the Racecourse was used on the non-race days as a grazing area, golf course as well as a rifle range. The Baweanese settlers who hailed from Java, Indonesia, were responsible for staffing this Racecourse. A huge number of Indian people who likewise resided in the Farrer Park area were the workers as well as owners of these cattle farms, local pineapple factories, as well as rattan processing houses. These cattle farms were responsible for naming this area by its Malay name of Buffalo Shed or Kandang Kerbau.=

Farrer Park Attraction Close to Racecourse Road

It was in March 1911 that the very first plane flew over Singapore. Singapore celebrated its centenary on 6th February 1919 and a huge fair held at Farrer Park was the primary attraction of this event. The Racecourse grounds were utilised as an airstrip as well.

The Racecourse was renamed as the Singapore Turf Club in 1924. It stayed at Farrer Park for another 9 years till 1933 when it was shifted to the Bukit Timah Race Course. After that, Farrer Park was opened for the public. A Sports House was established and playing arenas were set in a location which was previously the grandstand. Farrer Park continued to be a popular sporting venue for quite a few years and the Sports House turned into the National Sports Promotion Board’s headquarters from 1971 to 1973. Sports House was occupied by a few other sports associations till 1985 before a fire destroyed it.

Farrer Park Political Gatherings

It was during the violent pre-and post-war years of Singapore that Farrer Park witnessed its share of political gatherings. In the year 1942, Malay and Indian soldiers were brought together at Farrer Park after the Japanese captured Singapore, and these soldiers were requested by the new rulers to change their allegiance. Political rallies were held at Farrer Park in this post-war struggle for freedom. In the year 1955, the first local political elections were held in Singapore for the Legislative Assembly. The People’s Action Party campaigned for an autonomous government at Farrer Park on 15th August 1955.

Following the independence of Singapore on 9th August 1965 the returning military staff were posted at Farrer Park till appropriate barracks were found. Interestingly, a lot of roads here were named after some places in England including Bristol, Carlisle, Cambridge, Gloucester, Owen, Norfolk, Hampshire, Dorset, Hertford, Kent, Northumberland, and Oxford. Consequently, this area was renamed as Little England by many Eurasians who were residing here. However, Owen Road which was named for George P. Owen who happened to be the secretary of different sport clubs in Singapore during the late 19th as well as early 20th century was a notable exception to this.

Boulevard 88 Orchard Road

If you are looking for one of the best residential property estates in Singapore, you cannot come closer to your dream than Boulevard88. A project by City Developments Limited, Boulevard88 is located right in the heart of the main shopping district in Singapore. It’s location on Orchard Road just a few minutes away will cause all your friends to turn green with envy when they hear your new address. A locality for the very elite, those who have truly made it big in life. Your upscale residential address will even give you an excellent view of the exciting Orchard shopping district.

Amenities At Boulevard88

Unlike most other residential properties, Boulevard88 is filled to the brim with exciting amenities. Not just for you but for your entire family. We know you like to keep in shape so you can take your pick of exercising at the indoor gym, working up a sweat at the tennis court, or evening doing some laps at the 50m swimming pool. If it’s the kids you’re worried about, they won’t have time to throw any tantrums as they’ll be too busy enjoying with their friends in one of the many children’s playgrounds, playing indoor games at the clubhouse, or just enjoying the warmth of the sun on the sun deck. Call your friends over for a BBQ at one of the many grills and watch them gape in awe at the beautiful property you call your home.

Location of Boulevard 88

As with the best properties in Singapore, the Boulevard88 is located in one of the most prime locations. As I’ve mentioned before it is on Orchard Street overlooking the world famous Orchard Shopping district. Tourists and locals alike flock to this shopping avenue that has a ton of malls and high-end stores. There are no fewer than 4 amazing shopping complexes just a few hundred meters from your doorstep. Convenience is the word.

Life At Boulevard88

At Boulevard88 you are king in control of his kingdom. These condos offer you the perfect mix of tranquility and enjoyment. When you’ve had a rough day let the calm and soundless sleep wash over your senses in the privacy of your home, while if you want to party, there are plenty of places for a quick dance and merriment.

Since this is a mix development there are several malls in the property and a hotel component as well. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much international exposure your kids can get from visitors at the hotel.

About The Developers

City Developments Limited, Lea Investment, and Hong Leong Holdings jointly make up Ganmil Holdings Pte Ltd who are primarily responsible for the development of this project.

Leasehold Development Land at The Botanik Residence

The Botanik Residence is a Hillview condominium on the Jalan Remaja 1 of Tuan Sing Holdings. The engineer found an alternative to the purchase of the first Hillview property for $ 7.8 million from Andermatt Investments Private Limited. The property will be for private progress and the auditor will take note of this given the land area of 4,046 square meters and a plot of 1.92, the designer will have the capacity to work on the land for 100 units on the property.

99 Years Leasehold Development Land at The Botanik Residence

The government in the arrival process deals with the agreement that discovered that there are currently smaller land businesses and most of the land that will be unloaded for 99 years of lease is upon us. In this way, efforts can be made to anchor the current offer of engineers to anchor the improvement, which is the raw material for the promotion of the land. The Botanik Residence Condominium in Freehold Land will be exceptionally sought after by speculators and local residents looking for new developments in a house in the Hillview area.

Tuan Sing Holdings is a developer of Reals Estates Singapore, which makes several significant improvements in Singapore. Tuan Sing Holdings focuses on the construction of high quality real estate companies to provide incentives to its partners. By maintaining high standards of corporate structure and sharpening their jealousy of danger, Tuan Sing Holdings can give its partners a solid and solid appreciation.

Tuan Sing Holdings Important Resources

Tuan Sings Holdings considers workers as the most important resource and strives to strengthen itself through the constant preparation and inspiration of its agents. Safer working conditions with the utmost respect and Tuan Sing Holdings promotes professional advancement and also opens the doors to specialists.

Hillview Rails Mall is an extension of the F7B retail stores that reminds of the beautiful KTM railway lines. At The Rails Mall, there are many dining options to spend a relaxing evening with your loved ones.

There are some residents grab in the mall rails, for example, the coffee bean and the subway for their decision I + B Entscheidung.Die Bahn trains trains through Woodlands and Malaysia has done since June 30 of 2011 The web is a remarkable and important place in the hearts of Singaporeans. To date, Rail Malls has access to more than a significant number of its restaurants and bars, in addition to convenient parking for the mall.

HillV2 Shopping Mall at Hillview Avenue

HillV2s is an exclusive shopping center in Hillviews Avenues, a short break in the Botanik Residence. HillV2 is still a decision objective for some owners of the area to spend their weekend, because there are some bars and bars in the improvement.

There is a hill overlooking Markets Place store for your basic needs and strong following Bistro this time you may want to have a drink with your companions. For customers who prefer their own special transportation, the HillV2 administration provides transportation benefits that bring the movements of the eastate pavilions to various improvements in the hillside viewing territories and the Hillview MRT station.

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Parc Esta Hongkong Land Eunosville HUDC Enbloc

Parc Esta is a former Eunosville 99-year leasehold development purchased over by Jardine Matheson of MCL land. The firm submitted the highest bid thus representing one of the most symbolic plots of land traded to a private developer. The condo portrays a timely brand new development in Eunos grown town where no new launches have been done for quite some time. The estate, as well as institutions situated in Eunos area and Tanjong Katong, is adjacent to many eateries and shopping centers.

Parc Esta Hongkong Land Eunosville HUDC Enbloc

Public haulage facility is also great as the development is close to Pan Island expressway frequented by buses. Previously, Eunosville was a three hundred and thirty unit HUDC estate. This sale presents one of the fourth victorious sales to be finalized because the price offered for the plot of land was the second highest after Farrer court, signifying that developers were confident of Singapore’s real estate market. Parc Estate is the previous Eunosville HUDC Enbloc that is collectively sold to MCL Land.

Parc Esta MCL Land at Eunos MRT Station

This condominium development is located Eunos MRT Station. The land is from the previous Eunosville that is located next to Eunos MRT Station.. Additionally, this estate is situated next to Geylang Serai market. It is an iconic market where many conventional Malay meals are served. The complex has Malay roof sketch with a conventional wet market situated on the ground floor. You can also access it through east coast MRT stage on green line’s East-west. If you’ll be taking buses there are numerous buses accessible along Changi Road and Sims Avenue as there are also Pan-island and Central expressway stations nearby. If you have kids attending school, elite schools like Hauing girls and Tanjong Katong secondary school are close by.

Parc Esta Condo Enbloc Near to Geylang Serai Market

The condo has diverse floor plans that can suit your family requirements. A one to three bedrooms units are also available. You’ll find two types of these bedroom units facing Changi road and Sims Avenue and as a common rule, the sixth unit floor and above will have unblocked view. An entire variety of facilities are available in this estate including tennis court, swimming pool, indoor gym, barbeque area and children’s playground. Additionally, there’s a lifestyle resort thus giving you and your family an opportunity to visit it for your entertainment. The development condo overlooks the luxurious Paya Lebar and East coast area and for that, I’ll recommend you come with your family and experience a unique and wonderful lifestyle here in Parc Esta estate.

Riverfront Residences Designs Next to Hougang MRT Station

Riverfront Residences is a development project that has been adored by various partners because it’s just immediate to Hougang MRT Station. The main contractor is Oxley-Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd. The other interested parties include Lian Beng Group, Oxley Holdings, Apricot Capital and KSH Development. The main reason why these residences will receive a positive admiration is the fact that within this location, there has been no competitor lately of the same project. Why then should you choose the Riverfront condos? Here are some of the reasons;

Riverfront Residences Next to Hougang MRT Station

Many people love to live next to this facility and since Hougang MRT Station is next to the residences, you are guaranteed that your maneuvers to different places from the area will be hassle free. You just need to walk for a few meters before you can get to this efficient facility.

Elegant Design for Riverfront Residences

There is nothing so great than living in a residential area where you can relax while having a clear view of the surrounding Mother Nature. The developer and other partners have an agreed plan of creating an exquisite waterfront which will give the property an appealing look. You will also have a greenery front which gives the project a natural look. From your condo, you will also be able to view Upper Serangoon area and the Sungei Serangoon. You should also know that Hougang River will just be 200m away from the project. Hassle Free Transportation Hub is undoubted something what investing in this project not just having it as your home.

Hougang Mall Near to Riverfront Residences

Why should you get annoyed in your home after finding out that there is something missing? If you are living in an abandon location in Hougang, you will get more than just annoyed; maybe crazy. The amazing aspect about Riverfront Residences is that Hougang Mall will just be a walking distance away. This means that you can access any product or service whenever there is need. The mall is also ideal for your family because there is a facility where children can have fun. No matter where you are from, the rich food available here will surpass your craving.

Complete Family Entertainment To kick stress out of your life, you need to impress yourself by doing what you love the most. Oxley Lian Bing Venture didn’t forget that when it comes to this residences because they have all you need. For example there is a gym, sports ground, clubhouse and swimming pool just but to mention.
How about being part and parcel of this project? It can be your home or a profitable investment. Hurry up!

Freehold Condo Jui Residences at 1177 Serangoon Road Singapore

Jui Residences is one of the greatest upcoming residential, freehold development that is located along the Serangoon road. It is found near Serangoon, at district 12 right in Potong Pasir’s heart. The developer of this project is Selangor Dredging Berhad . They had to form an association with Champsworth Development for the transactions. Tiara Land company, a subsidiary of Champsworth, was used to acquire the piece of land. Due to it’s strategic location the piece of land attracted interest from multiple developers.

Freehold Condo Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Singapore

The freehold status also highly contributed to a lot of bids being submitted for its acquisition. Even though Jui Residences freehold property can be a bit expensive they are more beneficial long term investment compared to lease on property for anyone looking to own property. Selangor Dredging acquired the piece of land for $47 million and is expected to pay the government an additional $22.6 million to change the zoning of the area from industrial to residential. The gross floor area where the Jui Residences condos are build is measured at 88,774 square feet and is expected to hold approximately 117 units. There are various factors which make this one of the best residential development in Singapore.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging Berhad Condo

First is its efficient access to a transport system. These condos will be build along 1177 Serangoon road. Serangoon road is one of the major roads found in Singapore that begins from Selegie road and goes all the way to Buangkok Drive. It is divided into Serangoon main road and Upper Serangoon Road. It run to little India from Kallang. It is also one of the few roads that run to North Eastern region of Singapore. Therefore, Jui Residences will have easy and convenient access to both the city area and Punggol.. Woodsville interchange an upcoming development which is expected to link with serangoon road is also expected to improve transport at this area. The central expressway and pan island expressway also found next to this residences will be very convenient for car owners.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo Serangoon

Jui residence also offer multiple unique facilities that make them one of a kind. They have put into consideration healthy living of the residents by provision of indoor gym and a tennis court. A 50m swimming pull is also available for those who enjoy swimming but if swimming is not your thing, then you can just go and chill at the club house. Kids have not been left out either. BBQ pit and children play ground also found in these residences. You can not say a residential area is good without mentioning the security and therefore a guard house will be there to ensure sufficient security.

When looking for residential house the availability of amenities is key. A major shopping center known as Venue Shoppes found potong pasir near the MRT station offers about 28 retail units where the residence can shop for their daily necessities. It is located just a walk away from Jui Residences Serangoon and also offers a great view of the city. Schools are also available in this area. Saint Andrews School which provides both education and spiritual enrichment to students is just a few meters away. Cedar girls school, which is well known secondary school in all of Singapore is also available near these residences.
Therefore this residences which are located where former National Heritage Building of aerated water company and are one of the greatest development in the history of Singapore. Just as the previous building held memories of many Singaporeans, Jui residences Selangor Dredging Berhad are expected to create more to their occupants

The Opus Condo Amber Gardens Former Amber Park Enbloc

The Opus is an amazing condo located at 14 Amber Gardens in Singapore. Amber Gardens is actually a small road that connects Tanjong Katong Road to Amber Road. The Opus is situated in an area that is considered to be one of the best. It is quiet and has a lower crime rate than other areas. The unique positioning of the building of the condos allows residents to have easy access to public transportation so they can travel to any part of Singapore with ease.

The Opus Condo Daintree Residence Amber Gardens

The Opus Amber Road offers many different floor plans so that each resident can have a home that fits their personal needs. There are condos with as many as three bedrooms or as few as one bedroom available. The Opus Amber Park Enbloc offers many facilities that the residents will be glad to have. There is a clubhouse, and an indoor gym on premises, There is a 5o meter swimming pool and barbecue pits situated close to a children’s playground so residents do not have to travel far to have enjoyable family time. There is also a tennis court and a guard house on premises.

One of the key features of the Opus is its centralized location in Katong that will put the residents in close proximity to places of interest like East Coast Park and the Katong Shopping Center.
East Coast Park is a very popular place for people to take their families for quality entertainment time. The visitors to East Coast Park will find barbeque pits ready for them to use to cook the food they bring to the park, or a variety of restaurants for them to visit while they are on their outing.

The Opus Amber Gardens Singapore

The park is the home of the East Coast Seafood Center that is filled with delights that attract people to return many times. You can stroll through the Seafood Center and find a delightful bench to sit on and view the sea as you cherish your time with your loved ones. It is peaceful and rejuvenating to sit and watch the sea while the sea breeze blows gently across your face.

The Opus Condo is also situated very close to the Katong Shopping Center which is one of the first shopping malls to be constructed in Singapore. This shopping mall offers many different types of businesses to its visitors. You will find printing services, opticians, employment agencies, tailors and more. There are several dining establishments available within the mall and teens love the mall because of the availability of Teo Heng KTV.

The Opus Amber Gardens Amber Road Singapore

The Katong shopping center is not the only shopping venue located in close proximity of the Opus Katong . The Parkway Parade Shopping center is very nearby. This shopping center is very trendy with stores like Marks & Spencer, MPH Bookstores, and Isetan.

Parents will be delighted by the elite schools that are in close proximity to Opus Amber Gardens. These schools include Tanjong Katong Primary School, Tanjong Katong Girl’s School, and Chatsworth International School.

This condo will provide living quarters to families who want to provide their families with the best life has to offer, and an element of safety that is unprecedented. Living at the Opus will mean having everything you want and need close enough to you that shopping, working, dining, and doing entertaining things will be available within a short walking distance of the condo units.