Riverfront Residences Designs Next to Hougang MRT Station

Riverfront Residences is a development project that has been adored by various partners because it’s just immediate to Hougang MRT Station. The main contractor is Oxley-Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd. The other interested parties include Lian Beng Group, Oxley Holdings, Apricot Capital and KSH Development. The main reason why these residences will receive a positive admiration is the fact that within this location, there has been no competitor lately of the same project. Why then should you choose the Riverfront condos? Here are some of the reasons;

Riverfront Residences Next to Hougang MRT Station

Many people love to live next to this facility and since Hougang MRT Station is next to the residences, you are guaranteed that your maneuvers to different places from the area will be hassle free. You just need to walk for a few meters before you can get to this efficient facility.

Elegant Design for Riverfront Residences

There is nothing so great than living in a residential area where you can relax while having a clear view of the surrounding Mother Nature. The developer and other partners have an agreed plan of creating an exquisite waterfront which will give the property an appealing look. You will also have a greenery front which gives the project a natural look. From your condo, you will also be able to view Upper Serangoon area and the Sungei Serangoon. You should also know that Hougang River will just be 200m away from the project. Hassle Free Transportation Hub is undoubted something what investing in this project not just having it as your home.

Hougang Mall Near to Riverfront Residences

Why should you get annoyed in your home after finding out that there is something missing? If you are living in an abandon location in Hougang, you will get more than just annoyed; maybe crazy. The amazing aspect about Riverfront Residences is that Hougang Mall will just be a walking distance away. This means that you can access any product or service whenever there is need. The mall is also ideal for your family because there is a facility where children can have fun. No matter where you are from, the rich food available here will surpass your craving.

Complete Family Entertainment To kick stress out of your life, you need to impress yourself by doing what you love the most. Oxley Lian Bing Venture didn’t forget that when it comes to this residences because they have all you need. For example there is a gym, sports ground, clubhouse and swimming pool just but to mention.
How about being part and parcel of this project? It can be your home or a profitable investment. Hurry up!

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